Vegan Muscle: So you become an animal without meat

Bite into the grass: protein crucial for vegan muscle building

Anyone who practices weight training knows the problem: In addition to regular, intensive training sessions and sufficient rest periods, above all, a balanced, adequate protein diet hard to keep on a daily basis. Quite often, therefore, the desired results remain despite hard training.

However, the procurement, preparation and eating of the necessary food costs time and often comes in stressful phases of work or study too short. If you follow vegan strength athletes such as Karl Ess or Patrik Baboumian on Youtube, arises in the face of immense amounts of food the feeling of not being able to keep this in your own everyday life.

The athletes increased protein requirement Covering on a daily basis is not only difficult for vegetarians and vegans. Frequently, classical, protein-rich foods for muscle building such as tuna, chicken, minced meat, eggs or milk of questionable origin and should be consumed in large quantities - if at all - only in very good quality.

Cover protein requirements: So much protein you really need

As a rule of thumb for the optimal daily amount of protein for strength athletes applies 1 to 1,5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, That means a person weighing 75 kg needs between 75 and 110 Gram Protein a day. Especially with a vegetarian or vegan diet, this amount is often heavy and only with a large amount of food to cover.

Those who refrain from animal protein sources, there are only a limited selection of protein-rich foods available, of which daily large quantities must be consumed in order to ensure the necessary protein supply for vegan muscle. The most protein rich vegan food tofu (13 g protein per 100 g), tempeh (20 g protein per 100 g), seitan (28 g protein on 100 g) or peanut butter (25 - 30 g protein per 100 g) are either soy, wheat or or nut-based and thus belong to the allergens.

A real alternative is vegan protein powder like pea protein (80 g protein on 100 g) or hemp protein (50 g protein on 100 g). Both are excellent protein suppliers with a broad spectrum of amino acids that promotes overall performance and promotes regeneration. But it gets better ...

Ultrafood: more than a vegan protein powder with superfoods

We have Ultrafood Designed to meet the total daily nutritional needs of a rapidly prepared, vegan and natural food. For this we have combined the best superfoods in the world in such a way that the daily recommended amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals recommended by the EU is completely covered with only two drinks per day.

Due to the optimal combination of natural foods, Ultrafood achieves a particularly high bioavailability. Thanks to the perfect mutual complementation of the amino acid spectra of the various ingredients, it achieves one Chemical Score of 139what about one biological value of 112 corresponds to. For comparison: egg protein has a biological value of 100, whey protein reaches values ​​between 104 and 110.

In addition to the optimal protein supply, Ultrafood also provides you important vitamins and mineralswhich are often neglected in a high-protein diet. Due to the increased nutritional needs of athletes, for example, a lack of B vitamins and minerals in the scalp is a common cause of progressive hair loss with regular intense, athletic stress.

Calorie needs: pasta, rice and a vegan weight gainer

Ultrafood already provides you with just one serving (50 g powder) 24 g high quality protein and thus offers a simple and quickly prepared Basis for vegan muscle building, One or two additional meals (eg a lunch) cover the additional protein and calorie needs of athletes.

thanks to the Basic care by Ultrafood It is easy to cover the additional protein with vegan products. Ideally, the additional meals are combined with another calorie supplier in order to compensate for the increased energy requirements of strength athletes. Depending on the diet, for example, noodles with tofu (or tuna), tempeh (or chicken) with rice and broccoli or seitan (or beef) with beans and sweet potato columns on.

At the moment we are also working on one vegan weight gainerIt makes it even easier for you to cover your daily calorie needs in a healthy, vegan and holistic way. Just sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when the Weight Gainer is available. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us at, or call us at + 49 (351) 31 62 88 11 or follow us Facebook, Instagram, TwitterOr YouTube.

And for those who want more information, Olli goes in following video again all the important information on the subject Ultrafood for athletes on: