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And every year greets the flu

The cold season is now at the door and with her starts again High season of colds, Overcrowded doctors' rooms, full wastebaskets with handkerchiefs and empty blister packs, as well as uncontrollable sneezing in public are frequent observations during this period. A balanced nutrition and an healthy lifestyle can help us Strengthen immune system targeted and colds to show the cold shoulder. But which substances Now it is exactly who positive on our immune system impact? How do we harm our body with a wrong diet? And why do we endanger our health in the long term and mostly unnoticed?

The opportunities to catch a cold are great. In addition to cold and hypothermia count around 200 virus types to the main triggers a typical cold. Currently at dry, durch Heaters warmed rooms you can large crowds can the Distribute pathogens optimally, The risk of getting infected now is therefore particularly great. In the cold winter months, our immune system is now all the more vulnerable to inadequate movement and prolonged hypothermia. It applies here deliberately preventso that a common cold does not spread and in the worst case can develop into flu.

Has one called the flu, too Influenza, but once caught, must with high fever, chills and Limb pain can be expected, From now on one should withdraw his body any burden and on strict Watch bed restbecause the Influenza viruses the body essential weaken more as a cold virus. For sequelae, such as lung or heart muscle inflammation, our body is all the more susceptible, which can even lead to death if neglected and wrong treatment. Every year die about 10.000 people of influenza. A truly shocking number and reason once again to pay attention to our immune system.

Are supplements useful?

One drink - all nutrients

Why Superfoods?

The guardian of health - our immune system

To be well protected against illness, we are on one instructed functioning immune system, Our body's defense mechanism sits down from organs, vascular systems as well as small cells and protein bodies together. Before helper cells even come into play, they already serve Skin and mucous membranes and first protective barrier against pathogens, Here, enzymes in the saliva, tears and respiratory tract ensure fast and consistent elimination. But also cough and sneeze serve to remove germs quickly.

Our immune system is made up primary and secondary lymphoid organs together. To the primary lymphoid organs count that bone marrow and the Thymus, While formed in the bone marrow helper cells those who subsequently multiply become these imprinted into T lymphocytes in the thymus, As a result, they mature into independent cells that have the property recognize foreign proteins (antigens) and targeted combat.

The actual work then takes place in the secondary lymphoid organs. These include the lymph nodes, the spleen, the almonds, And the Tissue of the intestinal mucosa, In this area, the immune cells of our immune system constantly have contact with pathogens and foreign substances and pursue the Aim of a fast pathogen defense, Especially the intestine is a noteworthy artist here, because the cells contained in it store the information of the germs to be able to respond to it later more quickly.

Important nutrients without which it simply can not work

But not only warm clothes, avoid large crowds and thorough hand washing, will be sufficient here in the long run. For a strong immune system There is no way to one balanced and healthy diet past. Especially nutrients provide the body important vitamins, minerals and trace elementsthat make him powerful and physically fit. The following nutrients are indispensable for a healthy lifestyle.

iron helps our body To combat pathogens and foreign substances, With a regular intake of the trace element we are powerful, and feel ourselves fitbecause iron is involved in the oxidation processes.

Zinc is relevant to the Involved in the production of antibodies and thus influences the defense function our body. So it's important for growth, our skin and insulin storage.

Iodine is an essential component of thyroid hormones and thus for growth and important ones Metabolic processes indispensable.

Vitamin C - important, but not a miracle cure

Vitamin C serves as Main activator of the immune system and is involved in many important processes in the human body. So it is needed, among other things, intercept free radicals, is essential for the construction of the connective tissue building block Collagen involved, Und supports the production of helper cells in the immune system. It is widely known that you should not save on the intake of vitamin C during the day so that you can carry out all tasks smoothly. But should one resort to artificial preparations here?

From a medical point of view, it has been clear for some years that artificially produced vitamin C not necessary will, as long as you look nourished healthy and balanced, So you can do it all by yourself and naturally the recommended ones to cover 100 mg / d by food, Everything superfluous leaves the body unused again. The dosages of vitamin C additionally administered in the past brought none of the projected benefits and harmed in some cases even health.

A expensive purchased synthetic vitamin So it's easy on the body unused again transported, In addition, our body needs much more than just a vitamin C supplement in large quantities. If we are victims of one cold or even one Flu become, our immune system is weakened and is susceptible to viruses, Lots crucial nutrients be, as with a protein intake, just not thoughtful.

A double dose of fiber, please

The content of nutrients depends heavily on how the foods are prepared. Just industrially produced food are like that now highly processedthat practical Many important nutrients are lost during the preparation process. If you eat exclusively from such foods, they are required quantities of vitamins, minerals and trace elements hardly realizable, Therefore, it is advisable to prepare your own meals and to act freely according to the motto - as raw as possible and as cooked as needed.

But not only vitamin C is important, but also Fibres, the "Feed "for the intestine, Studies of the past have shown that through a one-sided and wrong diet suddenly and unexpected Allergies occur can, Noteworthy here would be the Study by Paolo Lionettiwho, through his research on children from two different habitats, found that High-fiber diet already in the early years can help protected for a lifetime from allergies and inflammatory bowel disease be.

But the gut is playing not only in digestion an extremely important role. Besides the task, vital substanceslike nutrients and vitamins from the food, are located around 70% of all immune cells in the large and small intestines, just 80% of all defense reactions walk away and make him one gigantic defense giants of our immune system, If we provide it with sufficient nutrients, we can do it a big part of it, against different To be protected diseases.

Your natural nutrient insurance: Ultrafood

Finding and implementing the right diet throughout the day is not always easy. Especially as working people we are missing just in this important point often the time and the desire After work, work behind the stove to prepare nutritious food. With our Superfood Mix Ultrafood we want to start at this point.

Ultrafood is a Combination of natural foods you can optimal nutrient supply, Only the effective Superfoods picked out to give your body exactly what it needs on a daily basis. Are you serving him right, are you? powerful, resistant to daytime tiredness, motivated Doing a job, have one clear lower susceptibility to infectious diseases and a total increased well-being.

Ultrafood can also have a positive effect on our immune system. The ones in the superfoods contained fiber specifically include toxins and make sure that Foreign matter does not even enter our bloodstream reach. Contains the Ultrafood Superfood Chlorella bioactive substances, the the Stimulate killer cell growth, But also many important vitamins are found in Ultrafood, which are the foundation of our health and protect us from many ailments.

Just one balanced and wholefood diet can cover everything in the long term, the one functioning and strong immune system needs. Ultrafood gives you all that and much more based on healthy and natural foods.

Thus, the winter can come!