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Build muscle and reduce fat - Everything you should know about proteins!

In our ersten Teil we'll show you why you're from vegetable protein benefits and the Quality your protein shake critical is.
"From the salad, the biceps shrink" - why this is true and why vegans in the long term while building muscle have the better maps, you will learn with scientific insights in this webinar series. We show you which substances your body needs for optimal muscle growth and how you can get them without animal sources. This webinar is just as suitable for vegans and vegetarians as it is for flexitarians and confident meat eaters.
In the first webinar, we will focus on the most well-known nutrient group: the proteins, How much protein do you need for muscle growth and what should you consider in terms of quality? Which Differences there between plant and animal proteins? We collected and evaluated the facts. Ultimately, athletes benefit from it when they rely on vegetable protein suppliers. Why this is and much more you will learn in our webinar.
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Our speakers constantly analyze the latest studies and check the facts. You are guaranteed to receive scientific insights and tips for everyday life!

Oliver terminal

Graduate food chemist

Tim fig


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