Ultrafood - the 5. generation

Since the first prototype in February 2017, we have been able to continue to improve Ultrafood. What a first full-fledged drink exclusively for hard-boiled with limitless taste tolerance was, is now a comparatively mildbut still uncompromisingly clean and nutrient-rich base powder, which is suitable for everyone.

Substantially delicious and really digestible

Since the focus initially exclusively on Naturalness and nutritional content There was still a lot to improve. Not only the taste was a problem for many, also the very high content of soluble fiber hit some on the stomach or more precisely on the intestine. These fibers are prebiotically effective and definitely good for our intestinal flora - which, however, showed great excitement as the good intestinal bacteria intensely formed gases. In the 3 and 4 generations, soluble fiber (mainly from Jerusalem artichoke) was therefore reduced and partly replaced by wholesome fibers (including coconut).

The best superfoods in the world - as regional as possible

The steady improvements in taste and wholesomeness have made the quick and easy healthy diet with Ultrafood more enjoyable. On the other hand, we have also been able to improve the selection of raw materials. In the beginning, because of a lack of suitable suppliers, we still had to use conventionally grown raw materials, so we can in generation 5 finally put fully on organic, Along the way, we have tested countless suppliers and tested raw materials, because organic raw materials often bring unusual sensory properties with them. One of many examples: our first organic Moringa powder developed an intense sharpness during shaking / mixing. In Generation 5 we use a milder organic Moringa powder.

What's new in Generation 5?

The 8Venture superfood family has with Organic barley grass powder from Germany gained a strong new member. The current analysis shows more stable levels of natural nutrients, The proportion of isolated vitamins and minerals could be further reduced.

Our new Organic pea protein is also in Germany grown and produced - with a particularly gentle, innovative process. The taste is milder and the micronutrient content higher than comparable pea protein products.

Our vegan protein makes you animal strong

Even when Organic hemp and organic pumpkin seed protein a new producer could be located. The advantages: The cultivation takes place even more regional than previously in Lithuania or Austria and the amino acid sequence complements that of the other superfoods better. The Chemical Score Ultrafood was able to get 132 up to now 139 in generation 5 be raised.

Thanks to our customers, we are proud to have the resources to continuously develop Ultrafood and make it even better, even more sustainable. Due to the growing success, we too can support regional organic farmers and reach more people for whom we can make a healthy diet easier and more suitable for everyday life. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity THANK YOU say and look forward to the further, common way.

Now your Ultrafood in the 5. order generation

+ 100% of the protein requirement
+ 100% of all minerals
+ 100% all vitamins
+ valuable phytochemicals
+ natural superfoods
+ gluten-, lactose- and GMO-free