Ultrafood Generation 3: Better taste, 100% Compatibility

Your favorite powder goes into the third round. In the past few weeks, it was quiet in our magazine, but that does not mean that we were idle - on the contrary.

We're proud to announce that the third generation of our Ultrafood is now available. By the improved recipe It tastes better than ever and is even better digestible.

For all those who have already fallen in love with Generation 2, there is also a special offer: Here you can check the remaining stock 30% discount secure - but only while supplies last.

Review: Do you still remember the first generation?

When we started in the spring, in a small circle the 1. To test the generation of our superfood mix developed in the lab, only a few kept the taste in the long run.

The already released in May 2. Generation already got much better and by the perfect nutrient coverage our testers were suddenly more alert, more balanced and more efficient and many also dropped significantly.

But it was also for his detoxifying effect known to be noticeable in some users with mild digestive problems. We knew there was something going on and went back to the lab:

Ultrafood Generation 3: Less inulin, no spirulina

The main reason for occasional digestive difficulties was the high content of isolated inulin as fiber and we started looking for a better alternative.

With Jerusalem artichokes we naturally source inulin from root vegetables. Compared to Generation 2, we were able to reduce the inulin content in Generation 3 to lower 86% and thus increase the compatibility significantly.

In Generation 3, we also do without the green algae completely Spirulina, Like chlorella, Spirulina helps detoxify the body - but it is less well tolerated.

Without Spirulina, the Ultrafood is therefore wholesome and the detoxification milder - what the permanent intake is even more advantageous.

Further improvements: biological value and taste

Due to the optimal combination of natural foods, our Ultrafood has been one since the first recipe particularly high bioavailability, Due to the increased amount Pumpkin seed protein and adding Sunflower Seed Protein we were able to improve this even further.

In addition, the magnesium and calcium carbonates were by slightly soluble citrate replaced and the Onion share Removed from the recipe, which sometimes the texture felt as sandy and the drink disappears much more pleasant is.

Ultrafood Generation 3 now available

The improvements will especially please you if you stopped using Ultrafood because of digestive problems or because of the taste, because it has never been so easy to feed yourself perfectly.

In our shop you will find the revised recipethat will provide you with all the nutrients you need with 100% of the recommended daily requirement, now available in single and double packs and in a trial pack with add-ons and shakers:

Only while stocks last: Generation 2 with 30% discount

For those who have already fallen in love with Generation 2, there is a reason to access now: As long as supplies last, you can still check the remaining inventory 30% discount to back up. The current bottling is best before May 2018.

Outlook: Ultrafood Cookies and Ultrafood Gainer

We will also continue to improve the current recipe. Every day we test new ideas in our Ultrafood factory. So for example the Ultra Food Cookies, which will bring variety in your daily routine in the future and offer a healthy alternative to chocolate in the evening.

Or the Ultrafood gainerThanks to vegan calorie suppliers such as sweet potato and coconut, Ultrafood is a full-fledged nutritional substitute and also interesting for strength athletes who want to build up faster muscle mass.

With Ultrafood we want to make a small contribution to make the world a little better, because our diet not only has a big impact on ourselves, but also our environment. We thank you for your support so far, and look forward to more common adventures.