With the unique Ultrafood and the highly effective EMS training to the goal!

Perfect Combined is not just the superfood mix

Healthy nutrition and sports are essential and easy! If you want to keep your body healthy and fit or if you want muscle training, you can not avoid a balanced and well-balanced diet. All natural nutrients are not only necessary for our health and well-being, but play a vital role in building and regenerating our muscles. Fitness and intensive training are therefore more effectively promoted by a targeted nutrition plan by up to 70%.

The teams of 8Venture and E-very-BODY Therefore, in a hitherto unique cooperation, a study in the health center Dresden-Klotzsche. We invite you, therefore, on the occasion of the study, for free to our Info evening at the 08.11.2017 in the health center Dresden-Klotzsche !

healthy foods with Ultrafood

To give you the optimal nutrition for your intensive EMS training, we decided to use Ultrafood. 8Venture's Ultrafood is the optimal combination of natural, nutrient-rich superfoods that provide 100% with all the necessary protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. A full nutrition provides your body with all the nutrients to specifically promote intensive training and to prevent deficiency symptoms. After all, physical and mental fitness need not just proteins, magnesium or omega 3 fatty acids. It has never been so easy to provide your body with all the essential nutrients from natural foods in no time at all!

effective EMS training

Compared to conventional training options EMS training offers you a much more effective strength training! The highly effective full-body workout in E-very-BODY works with electrical impulses that accelerate muscle growth. You will receive functional clothing from us, which will be connected to a device to individually control your muscle groups. In the EMS training is therefore dispensed conventional exercise equipment, instead, exercises (eg squat) of your personal EMS trainer specified. Over 90% of your muscles are thus activated in depth and your cell metabolism optimized.

Advantages of our exclusive study

Together with you we would like to experience the positive interactions of a wholesome and healthy diet in combination with the highly effective EMS training:

  • free fitness check and personal evaluation
  • Get to know the currently most promising nutrition and training methods
  • Experience the positive effects of Ultrafood and EMS training on health and well-being, fitness and performance
  • If you have any questions about your Ultrafood, you can always contact your mentor and your EMS trainer will be at your side every time you workout

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