Ultra Food: An optimal meal in the glass

Our Ultrafood is a unique combination of the best superfoods in the world. It contains all vitamins, minerals and proteins in a perfect relationship. The unique high nutrient density is a especially low caloric density across from:

+ 100% of the protein requirement
+ 100% of all minerals

+ 100% all vitamins
+ vegan and natural
+ free from the major 14 allergens
+ gluten-, lactose- and GMO-free

What is ultrafood?


Oliver explains everything you want to know.

Natural best performance: Full nutrition supply

In the fight against fatigue, lack of concentration and immune deficiency and many other results of industrial malnutrition, superfoods are experiencing an unprecedented boom. All superfoods are characterized by particularly high levels of nutrients and health-promoting, secondary plant substances.

But few people have the time to deal with this complex issue, the many different products and possible interactions in detail. It is therefore difficult to say with certainty whether one really takes in all the nutrients in the optimal amount and overdoses are excluded.

Our Ultrafood is based on real foods with a complete nutrient matrix. The nutrients contained are not artificially combined, but bound in their natural structures and therefore have the highest possible bioavailability.

In addition to the many proven health-promoting effects of the nutrients contained contained superfoods also trigger other positive effects, whose causes have been little researched, but are suspected in the special secondary plant compounds.

The most nutrient-rich foods optimally combined

Ultrafood is composed of the best superfoods in the world and is constantly evolving.
The current recipe includes:

Pumpkin seed protein

pea protein

Sunflower Seed Protein

hemp protein

coconut flour



Jerusalem artichokes




barley grass

This is how 100% of all vitamins and minerals work
and proteins on your body

Click on minerals, vitamins or proteins to learn more about their effects on the body.

Meets 1,5 kg of healthy food daily

It is possible, but time-consuming, to cover the entire nutritional requirement on a daily basis exclusively through nutrition. Shopping, preparing and eating costs a lot of timewhy a healthy diet is difficult especially in stressful phases.

Due to the particularly high nutrient density of superfoods contains one Daily dose Ultrafood by 150 g about as many nutrients as 1,5 kg of healthy foods, If you go for high quality, these foods cost around 15 € per day or around 450 € per month.

Such a large amount of food is also associated with a high calorie count. So you take with the food shown more than 2.000 kcal per day. Thus, weight loss is not always easy, even with a healthy diet.

A TUltrafood contains only about 450 kcal and is therefore an ideal supplement for weight loss. For athletes, it is a vegan source of protein and nutrients that can be taken in addition to the normal diet.

A daily dose of Ultrafood contains as many nutrients as 1,5 kg of natural foods

Wholesome, Vegan and Sustainable,
As simple as never before

The extra powder compartment in our 8Venture shaker fits exactly one serving of Ultrafood

The preparation of Ultrafood is very simple: Add liquid, mix, done, Your first Ultrafood drink tastes the best cold oat drink from the blender, Later, or if you need to go fast, you can also prepare it with water in a shaker.

Incidentally, our 8Venture shaker has one additional powder compartmentinto which exactly one serving (50 g) Ultrafood fits. So you always have a healthy meal along the way and you do not have to resort to calorie fast foods like pizza, pasta or chips.

One serving will provide you with one third of the daily requirement of all vitamins, minerals and proteins. Since Ultrafood also has a filling effect because of the fiber it contains, you can simply replace a meal of your choice with it.

So delicious can be superfoods *

* but there is a catch ...

About the taste of Ultrafood we've heard pretty much everything. Have you already experimented with superfoods yourself and know how Hemp export or maca Pure taste, you will hardly believe how delicious Ultrafood is. Compared to a sweetener-added cookie-and-cream protein, you may not enjoy it.

Through our modern eating habits, we've become so used to flavor enhancers and sweeteners that the taste of Ultrafood is sometimes described as unusual. It tastes easy Ultrafood totally natural, Since we have tested countless raw materials and have decided only for the best, Ultrafood is just compared to other superfood powders surprisingly mild.

For a varied taste, we have the Ultrafood Add-ons with more Superfoods like cocoa or aronia berries developed. Just add a teaspoon of add-on to your base powder to turn Ultrafood into a healthy cocoa or a fruity berry shake. We are also constantly developing new add-ons that will be available soon.

Although we have developed Ultrafood because of the effect and not because of the taste, it is described in the meanwhile fourth version by the vast majority as delicious. By the way, how you like it, you can be risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee find out: Should you not be satisfied with 100% when you purchase our trial package, we will refund you the purchase price - without ifs and buts.

Start your own 8Venture with Ultrafood

Cover your daily nutritional needs and save at least one meal a day.

+ 100% of the protein requirement
+ 100% of all minerals

+ 100% all vitamins
+ vegan and natural
+ free from the major 14 allergens
+ gluten-, lactose- and GMO-free

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