Ultrafood cocktails from Ulf Neuhaus

Our trick: Ultrafood cocktails

Ulf Neuhaus, entrepreneur and president of the German Barkeeper Union, mixes exceptional and healthy cocktails Ultrafood, Working with our selected, vegan superfood mix has not only thrilled us but also unexpectedly changed his life.

From the desire to create delicious, everyday formulations for our full-fledged food, the certainty, with Ultrafood really all nutrients to 100% to get and without energy loss a healthy weight to get.

In just a few months his weight was reduced 12 kg with only one drink a day and a little exercise to keep fit. No lack of energy or fatigue!

Ulf Neuhaus - Celebrity of the bartender scene

The office of President of the German Barkeeper Union is just one of many projects of Ulf Neuhaus.

However, anyone who knows him knows about the importance of human values ​​in dealing with business partners and friends - certainly the reason why he was able to build up such a successful network in Dresden and return the original visions to the DBU.

In close cooperation with restaurateurs and event companies create unique events and culinary experiences. With Barclass, Parkhotel Events, HMG Events, WOK Catering, or even Waterloo Production, I'll name just a few names that will benefit from Ulf Neuhaus' creative and award-winning cocktails.

No time means: weight gain + nutrient deficiency

With him Dresden became again a successful scene for good cocktails and unique drinks. Sitting in front of Ulf seems to ground one: modestly he talks cheerfully about all the current projects, which he organizes with an incomparable enthusiasm and often just for a friend on the side realized.

In addition, I learn that Ulf works not only for national but also for international spirits companies and, for example, looks after cocktail competitions for the International Bartenders Association worldwide.

But with a busy schedule and a busy travel document, there are also crucial things to remember: our body.

Green Magic Potion - Ultrafood Cocktails

To supply his body properly and to discover a healthy body feeling, came first with 8Venture. In early 2017, the president of the DBU came across a good friend and learned about our nutrient-rich Ultrafood, The idea was born quickly: cocktails with superfoods!

A good bartender, however, deals with the processed beverage once apart. Still skeptical at first, Ulf began to integrate the base powder and the add-ons into his everyday life. What should have been a friendly service, however, quickly turned out to be an opportunity to pursue a full-fledged diet with energy-filled dreams.

Today Ulf is enthusiastically reporting Ultrafood and its beneficial effects, due to its natural ingredients. With a drink and a personal mentor, the awareness of a better one evolved Well-being through weight loss, During his - crucial for his creations test phase - his weight reduced almost automatically and promoted the urge for movement. After only a few months with the comprehensive food of 8Venture and regular sports, the superfluous kilos are no longer part of Ulf Neuhaus' life.

Healthy weight reduce

Of course, I took our conversation as an opportunity and asked him how he Ultrafood prefers to eat. I had to ask this question, considering that Ulf is a revolutionary in the bartender scene in Dresden. Of course, were also tried by him various variants and an absolute favorite, he could not define for himself, but he tells us his tip: banana nectar.

For a weight loss certainly not the optimal choice, but at two meals Ultrafood a day no obstacle to one successful weight loss and even adds extra energy, Alternatively, you can, for example, use vegan drinks, milk or ayran. His motivations to use this were very simple. Ultrafood consists of 100% of natural foods and therefore tastes accordingly healthy. So, if you have to fight with the taste in the beginning, you can simply grab a banana nectar.

Ulf has designed many creations in collaboration with 8Venture so you can prepare your own natural superfood cocktail on a daily basis without creating a monotony. After all, you do not only want to lose weight healthily, but also to start the day in a varied and completely to your taste. Have fun with the many exciting cocktail recipes with Ultrafood!