The fairy tale of 1001 dietary supplements

Dietary supplement: For every problem a capsule?

Often they are colorful, creatively shaped and pretty to look at. Whether in the form of tablets, dragees or as a powder - there are a variety of dosage forms of these preparations. And one thing is certain: the food industry is making yearly high conversions with these small vitality bombs, Especially on the Internet, manufacturers are tempted by promises of health that are far from the window, and that often go down as consumers do not make the difference to medicines can.

"Much helps a lot" - we have often heard this motto already in childhood. And even today it can be applied to different life situations. A lot of exercise is good for us, drinking a lot keeps our organs fit and a lot of fruit provides us with important vitamins. However, this motto has also benefited the food industry, and one in recent years Variety of dietary supplements created. For some a curse is indispensable for the others. But do we need these artificial vitamins for real? And in these quantities?

Due to the increasing demands to ours Brain and the decreasing quality our food is a dietary supplement often very useful. Unfortunately, these are often individual capsules with isolated active ingredients or powdered products that do not meet the daily requirement even after the third shake. What we need today is one full, natural food with a high bioavailability - not a hundred nutritional supplements.

Quality instead of quantity: Plant and holistic supplement

Dietary supplements (NEM) are artificially produced nutrients in concentrated form, which nutrients contain that upright our cells and important ones Regulate body functions, These can consist of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fiber or even plants and herbal extracts. However, active ingredients in the form of dietary supplements are almost exclusively synthetically replicated and isolated. Although isolated substances can play a crucial role in full-scale care, they can not be processed well by our bodies.

This means that our body is over in case of severe deficiency symptoms synthetically replicated vitamins and isolated minerals and trace elements like it and accept it thankfully, but a crucial part of the body simply can not be recorded. So that the body can really use all nutrients, it needs high-quality active ingredients, which are present in natural form at best. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids can be efficiently utilized by our body only in this pure form. Natural active ingredients fit comparatively perfect to the endogenous enzymes and receptors.

In science we call these physical usability as bioavailability. Je better the bioavailabilitythe more ours Body the respective product make good use of, And even if our food labels already provide a lot of information - the bioavailability figures are unfortunately only reserved for the scientists among us.

What can not be seen at first glance: not the dietary supplements are the problem, but the quality of each manufacturer! With increasing Development of our brain und dem increasing performance pressure Dietary supplements are a very good and easy way of his body full to supply. Every day, our brains need all the healthy nutrients because of our increasing performance demands. These must our body, in addition to the natural form, but also fof genetic engineering and pesticides can be made available.

Overdose and underdose: A complex interaction

Certainly one or the other is aware that, for example, the fat-soluble vitamin D. can only be absorbed by the body if this at the same time added healthy fats become. Also are Vitamin B12Preparations only make sense if they are in the body small amounts, several times over the day away, be supplied. Our body can absorb this vitamin only to a limited extent and must excrete the rest unused. Vitamin C in turn supports the Recording of iron, With low bioavailability, our body can utilize just 1-10% of this trace element. By adding vitamin C, however, almost 40% can be utilized.

However, it is often taken lightly to vitamin C preparations, without knowing for sure that there is a vitamin C deficiency. Mostly no shortage before and the added, water-soluble vitamin becomes just retired, All you have then is expensive urine. On that in this case for example a Selenium deficiency the cause with weak immune system is, you do not come yourself.

Iron brings us to another critical topic: hair loss, The reasons for this are, in addition to iron deficiency, especially the lack of intake of B vitamins, A lack of vitamin B can, according to experience in men, lead to early hair loss. By taking conventional and isolated Protein powders rises among others the Need for vitamin B3 for the Protein metabolism, On the one hand, the body is often given too much protein, and on the other hand, this leads to the risk of Insufficient supply of vitamin B, However, only a few athletes pay attention to the intake of other necessary nutrients for a healthy protein metabolism. Therefore, it is important to eat not only isolated protein, but also the Supply of other necessary micronutrients to pay attention.

Focus on intense training isolated protein powder to set is so risky, Our body is on the supply holistic food set. Besides proteins, the body needs as well all vitamins, minerals, fiber and trace elements in combination! As an athlete, I also have to adjust my nutritional needs with increased protein intake. This is representative of all dietary supplements: only the optimal, holistic combination of all nutrients deliver us that desired effect.

Dare: Food from the supermarket!

Of course it is possible its daily need for nutrients over one healthy and balanced diet cover up. But it is becoming increasingly difficult. Either I take that poor quality (immature harvested, mass-produced, pesticide-treated, etc.) from the supermarket to buy or invest time and money, to buy quality food in local organic markets. In order to eat a truly balanced diet, the interaction of individual foods and their ingredients is very important. In addition, consumers should agree with the Origin and treatment of our food employ. We ignore the high costs.

As a rule, we have in addition to work and family but no time täglich balanced and healthy recipes to pick out and cook. Of the Procurement of healthy and fresh food not to mention. We often go to the local supermarket once a week and just buy everything for the week, which makes sense to us. We simplify our lives and find everything our heart desires in just one market.

Often we realize later what we have just done: Strawberries from Morocco, Frozen bread rolls from China and Bear sausage from factory farming, Again we have immature fruit bought what necessary Do not produce vitamins could and with pesticides was protected from vermin. The delicious, fast-made rolls from China are with Emulsifiers, such as E472e, as well as many unnecessary ones Connections shifted to the Knead dough easier to be able to do this or just this much can go faster, The bear sausage seems harmless at first glance, but contains on closer inspection too much sodium, Antibiotic residues and again had to iron and other Nutrients are addedbecause they have been lost in the many production loops.

A proper and balanced healthy diet is therefore not so easy to realize. Due to the increasing intellectual capacity, which also demands compensation after sports, we need however enough good food. Good food, brimming with high-quality, natural recyclables, Which then too must be optimally combined so that our body can implement and use them in the best possible way. At this point, dietary supplements are used. The one-sided Food intake, one unbalanced Diet, or nutrient-poor Food from conventional farming, then quickly lead to first, unwanted deficiency symptoms.

Whole foods instead of isolated nutrients

Nahrungsergänzungsmittel So they are quite useful, NEM's can provide us with nutrition and greatly improve our lives. What we do, due to time, increasing efficiency, ignorance or simply conventional agriculture, our body do not deliver can, take care of complementary capsules or powder, That's why today we use different active ingredients from different manufacturers in different price categories.

Especially people with performance-related demands, whether physically or mentally, know about that positive effects of dietary supplements, But few receive the information that individual NEM's due to the isolated, synthetic nutrients that Effect of these products strongly limited is. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Watzl, Max Rubner Institute, sums up: "[...] In the 1980 and 1990 years, the positive health effects of vegetables and fruits were reduced to certain ingredients, especially vitamins. Today we know that rather the variety of biologically active substanceswhich we absorb through a high consumption of vegetables and fruits, overall positive effects on health. "
Nahrungsergänzungsmittel help So only then fullwhen in perfectly coordinated combination occupied become. Only then can all components have their own to develop your full strength, In addition, it is advisable to look for high quality products organic cultivation to grab. A healthy, full-bodied diet is available Konflikt zu Genetic Engineering, pesticide treatments and prophylactic medicines, Our Ultrafood principle is therefore to use holistic ingredients that contain all the health-promoting substances.

Ultrafood: Whole Food instead of 1001 dietary supplement

Only a few are completely supplied with all nutrients. Depending on the nutrient, one can undersupply among other things by fatigue, lack of concentration, hair loss and brittle nails to make noticable. Many then grab isolated vitamin and mineral supplementsto counteract this. But without a medical report is usually not clear which nutrient is missing and to what extent, so that one can speak of luck, if one finds exactly the right supplement and then doses it properly.

With Ultrafood Do you have the opportunity yours To supply the body naturally, With a drink you get all the necessary nutrients in a perfectly matched combination. It stands the high bioavailability especially in the foreground. The ingredients used in Ultrafood are particularly well absorbed by the body, as the Active ingredients of natural sources assembled in the best possible order to deliver maximum fuel to our bodies.

Ultrafood is a composition of the best superfoods in the world, which turns out to be true power nature products have claimed. Compared to many dietary supplements, the ingredients in Ultrafood of natural origin and again only the best were put together for a full mix. By the above average level of healthy nutrients Thus, the natural performance, motivation and concentration can be restored. A visibly more beautiful complexion, a healthy body weight as well as a healthy intestinal flora are only a few of the many healthy effects, which by the balanced nutrient mix can be obtained.

Already with two drinks a day Do you cover yours from the EU recommended daily nutritional needsand as naturally as possible. It is prepared quickly and can be refined with other fruits and vegetables. Just make Ultrafood your drink no ifs and buts, With your daily helping of Ultrafood you can do without a guilty conscience on the many isolated dietary supplements.