Superfoods - the power foods in Ultrafood

The "superman" among the foods: superfoods

Whether on the product label on the supermarket shelves, on Internet portals or the title page of the monthly edition of the favorite magazine, each one speaks of superfoods and their positive characteristics, No wonder, because these power foods have it all in itself. Superfoods revolutionize now for some time the world food industry. They can be purchased both raw, powdered and in capsule form and thus be Positively influence well-being.

With Ultrafood from 8Venture you get one Selection of the best, carefully selected superfoods in the world combined in only a drink, So dare and look with us towards one healthy and nutrition-conscious lifestyle.

Supergenial or just superreal?

For some they are new territory, for others they have been on the fixed menu for years. Superfoods, which still do not require a uniform translation to this day, are food products that are known for their convincing properties different from conventional foods. you are true power products with an above-average amount of healthy nutrientshelp to more energy and help us lose weight.

Where barely a few years ago, hardly anyone regularly Aronia berries, goji berries or Chia seeds added to his cereal, you get them now in every supermarket partly at above average prices already portioned in muesli, as Bolt or Power drink to buy. Unfortunately, the bill often spoils, because not always are in the products adequate amounts of superfoodsto do with it positive effects to achieve on his body. On real superfood only then brings the expected changes, if it is regular and in sufficient amount integrated into the daily diet is.

Simply the best, not a magic trick

For some it may sound like hocus-pocus and magic, but many of their positive qualities are certain. Superfoods convince by one above-average amount of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, you are wholesome and as natural as possible, Anyone who believes that these power foods come only from exotic shrubs in distant lands is mistaken. Often you will find it on your own doorstep, think of herbs such as dandelion, stinging nettle or the green all-time favorite broccoli.

Superfoods wise Maximum levels of specific macronutrients on which us saturate and deliver all that our immune system needs. They are known for their high proportion an Antioxidantswhich plays an indispensable role as a bodyguard against free radicals taking. In particular, protein seems to play a big role, with the ever-growing vegan diet. Noteworthy here is the hemp protein, which you with his extensive amino acid spectrum supplied with all the essential essential amino acids.

Put on the right horse: the superfoods in Ultrafood

Ultrafood was created to provide you with a daily power drink as fast as possible and with little effort, and that is yours Nutritional requirements for all important micro- and macronutrientsas well as your body is doing well. And what better than a selection of the world's best superfoods? Whether successful in sports, first success in weight loss or just to feel good. Our superfoods have some great features for you.

Pea and hemp protein count among the vegetable proteins and deliver you high quality and fully digestible protein. Both affect each other conducive to healthy and effective muscle growth and provide your body with important ones essential amino acids.

Pumpkin seed flour and maca contain numerous antioxidants, nutrients and vital substances. These make her one effective power source. Your body becomes more efficient, you work more concentrated and feel less tired.

Superfoods, like broccoli and Kurkuma specifically stimulate the metabolism and can very helpful in weight loss be. Responsible for this are the Ingredients Curcumin in turmeric and sulforaphane in broccoli. In addition, both have anti-inflammatory properties and have an antioxidant effect.

The vitamin rich leaves of Moringapflanze can positive for skin, hair and nails impact and accelerate skin regeneration.

To the limit and beyond

Here you have to clearly distinguish which goal you are pursuing with Ultrafood. Do you just want to get up healthy and fast way to cover your daily nutrition needs, you're already supplied with 2 drinks on the 100 percent day. Along with Ulf NeuhausWe always create, President of the German Barkeeper Union new cocktail recipes for you to look up in our 8Venture Magazine. For the experimentalists among you there is certainly something there!

Are you pursuing the goal? To effectively promote muscle building or finally yours Achieving weight results, then look under the links on our theme articles over. There you will find out what you are aiming for and how Ultrafood gives your dreams wings.