Popeye's Powerhouse - Superfood cocktail with spinach

Superfood cocktail with spinach

Strong as Popeye: powers awaken in seconds

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We're going to the next round and present you this time a delicious superfood cocktail with spinach, from ours Recipe series Cocktails with Ulf Neuhaus, The president of the German bartender union has, with our Ultrafood as a basis, again something unique thought out and created with this recipe a vitamin-rich and iron-containing variant with leaf spinach.

Which Forces Popeye developed with spinach leaves, could be really envious. Of course it is iron content not as stated initially by chemist Gustav von Bunge on 35 mg / 100 g, but with a fresh helping of leaf spinach you actually cover yours Daily requirement of iron and receives many important ones Vitamins, Hundreds of competitors can not be beaten with spinach alone in a matter of seconds, but the project muscle training benefits from the extra portion.

According to Study of the Swedish Karolinska Institutet spinach strengthens the muscle cells, The nitrates contained in green leafy vegetables and diet our mitochondria and give us energy, Powerful mitochondria ensure a smooth flow of our body functions and are for one well-functioning immune system required.

With the help of iron is also the, especially at sports activities, needed oxygen transport promoted in our cells. In combination with our Ultrafood, you will receive iron alone with 50% supplementation and 200g spinach, the EU-recommended daily allowance. A cocktail that every woman has ready and athletes should not underestimate!

Today's recipe turns your Ultrafood into something very special with a slightly sweet note of the apple and the strong, tart taste of the dill. With Ayran, a spiced yogurt from the Caucasus, your Ultrafood is flavorfully rounded. Be curious and convince yourself, which forces you through a Mobilize proper nutrient supply can!


  • mixer

Ingredients for the superfood cocktail with spinach:

  • 25 g Ultrafood (2 ½ scoop)
  • Hand spinach
  • ½ apple
  • 4- 5 twigs dill
  • 250 ml Ayran
  • nB ice cubes


Cut the apple into small pieces and remove the stems from the dill. Then add the apple, dill, leaf spinach and ice cubes to the blender, cover with ultrafood and ayran and mix well. If necessary, you can add additional ice cubes, so that your Ultrafood drink remains as fresh as possible. Fill the cocktail in a glass, decorate at will and enjoy with joy!

Share your Ultrafood moment with us and your friends! We always look forward to pictures of your creations. #ultrafoodcocktails.

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