Green Punch - the superfood cocktail with rocket

Spicy superfood cocktail with arugula

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in the past few weeks we have you in our weekly Magazine Post already extensively over the striking positive effects with and through Ultrafood elucidated. Whether pure with water, combined with fruits and toppings or with juices as a basis. Let your ideas flow in the preparation of Ultrafood and try it out.

Since one or the other but still difficult, matching with combinations Ultrafood to create, we enable you together with Ulf Neuhaus, The President of the German Barkeeper Union, from now on great recipe inspirations. There is certainly something for everyone here, because the recipes range from the rather sweetish taste to harsher and sharper notes.

With today's recipe, the Green punchLet's start with one right away spicy variant, The arugula it contains is not only a coveted ingredient in salads and smoothies because of its flavor. The relative high content of vitamin C and minerals affects positive for our immune system File

According to Human study of the University of Hohenheim and the University Hospital Würzburg promotes the contained in rocket nitrate the dental health and reduces gingivitis noticeably after only a few weeks. But also due to the low calorie content of leafy vegetables, it will certainly make a great figure in your Ultrafood.

And that's what you need for your Green Punch:


  • mixer


  • 25 g Ultrafood (2 ½ scoop)
  • 20 g arugula
  • 4-5 twigs dill
  • ⅓ cucumber
  • 100- 150 ml natural yoghurt
  • 150 ml low-fat kefir
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • nB ice cubes
  • Pinch chia seeds as a topping


First remove the stems of rocket and dill and put both in your blender. Then cut ⅓ off your cucumber and add it together with about 150 ml of natural yoghurt and 150 ml of kefir into your jar. Round off your vegetable mix with 25 g Ultrafood and a pinch of sea salt. Now all you have to do is fill your green Power Booster into a glass and sprinkle some chia seeds over it.

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