The high-fiber blast - superfood cocktail with avocado

Dream couple: the fat avocado marries our superfood mix

Hello adventurer,

today you start with Ultrafood and another recipe high in fiber and well concentrated in the new day, And best of all, the drink is super fast and easy to prepare. The recipe for your superfood cocktail with avocado was created and launched Ulf Neuhaus, The President of the German Barkeeper Union, Here it was very important to us that the recipes can be easily copied by you and you do not have to go to a great effort to get the ingredients. One or the other lonely ingredient we may find in our fridge at home.

As a highlight for this Ultrafood drink, we can clearly choose the avocado as the winner. This pear-shaped buttercup is one of the olive probably the richest fruit, But before you fold your hands over your head - it involves only unsaturated fatty acids, the good fats, so to speak. These are essential for a healthy cardiovascular system, Besides, the avocado is Rich in antioxidants and fiberwhich in turn ensure good digestion and a fast feeling of satiety.

The benefits of Superfoods Avocado only come to the fore when you use them eat with protein-containing foods, All the better that in Ultrafood great protein suppliers, such as hemp and pea protein stuck. The combination of healthy fats with rich sources of protein help the body the most effective way to build musclewhich in turn are important for good calorie burning!

A study of Journal of the American Heart Association According to the study, test subjects who have added avocados to their diet daily for 5 months have been included in their diet Decrease in cholesterol levels be recorded. The Association of Avocado Importers justifies this result with the great composition of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

You see what great benefits you next to the nutrient-rich Ultrafood can still conjure up from your drink. Also look at other recipe inspirations 8Venture. And now have fun preparing your superfood cocktail with avocado.


  • mixer


  • 25 g Ultrafood (2 ½ scoop)
  • 20 g arugula
  • ½ apple
  • ½ pear
  • ¼ avocado
  • 300 ml of still water
  • nB ice cubes


First remove the stems from the rocket. Then cut off the core of the apple and pear, chop the rest and place in the blender. Add the avocado and still water to the blender and stir well. If you like it rather cold, then add some ice cubes. And he's done - the green Powershake.

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We wish you a good appetite! ????