Ultrafood as a food trendsetter 2030

Future trends of nutrition:

Ultrafood as a food trendsetter 2030

Dresden, 23. August 2018, The future of our diet will be responsibly, resource-saving, healthy and individually tailored to the individual. This was the result of a large study by the food company Nestlé on the subject of nutrition 2030. If one believes that this study, which was conducted by Infratest with the help of a well-known expert panel, the concept of Ultrafood necessarily follows the innovative trends described in the study.

The future of nutrition comes already today from 8Venture from Dresden and is called Ultrafood. This impression wins who reads the Nestlé study on the future "How is Germany 2030?". Because many of the nutritional trends for 2030 described in the study are already in line with the performance promise of Ultrafood:

  • Most people would like to have a healthy and resource-efficient diet in the future
  • Of great importance is regionalism and a good eco-balance in order to protect the world's resources
  • Nutrition increasingly becomes an expression of one's personal lifestyle and corresponds to individual needs and values
  • Diet is increasingly used to increase performance and self-optimization: tailored to individual needs foods are to increase performance and resilience
  • Health preservation plays an increasing role through preventive healthy nutrition with added benefits
  • In the future, there will be nutritional products that are individually tailored to the personal health profile
  • Consumers want foods that are as straightforward as possible and that can be prepared quickly
  • Nevertheless, they should be of high quality and natural.

Trends in the Nestlé study are already coming to Ultrafood

More than 1.000 subjects have rated five different scenarios for the future of food or nutrition. It is about the aspects of what we eat in the future, how we eat, how our food is made and how it will be purchased. Interested parties will find the Nestlé Future Study below https://www.nestle.de/zukunftsstudie.

The best scenario was a resource-efficient diet in a value-oriented society. More than 50 percent of study participants envision a future that combines a healthy diet and conservation of resources with respect for animals and nature.

Another trend focuses on maintaining health and self-optimizing through nutrition: foods are said to increase performance. The topic of healthy eating also decisively determines our diet 2030. Foods that aim at improving their own performance or the associated health effects are particularly interesting for all those target groups who have to pay attention to their diet, for example, older people, pregnant women or even vegans who want to eat a full diet. All these aspects that Ultrafood already covers today. But what is this Ultrafood?

Ultrafood offers the optimal combination of superfoods

Our current meritocracy requires a high level of physical and mental performance, stress resistance and ability to concentrate. Performance - whether as an athlete, creative or artist - starts with the right nutrition. With a natural and balanced diet, much more can be achieved. But there is often a lack of time and leisure to live a healthy and balanced diet in everyday life. Physical and mental deficiency symptoms such as tiredness, listlessness and a weak immune system, in the long run but also civilization diseases such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes mellitus are the result - you are what you eat! But to cover the total nutritional needs on a daily basis exclusively through the diet, is not easy and is usually associated with a high calorie intake.

Based on selected superfoods, 8Venture wanted to develop a full-fledged food with an optimal nutrient profile for humans, which covers the daily requirement of all necessary nutrients based on natural, complete foods, and at a low calorie density. Superfoods are generally referred to as nutrient-rich foods, which are said to have a particularly beneficial effect on health and well-being. At 8Venture, great importance was attached to natural ingredients, gentle processing, regionalism and a good eco-balance in order to protect the world's resources. No easy task!

The result of many months of development is the product Ultrafood: it delivers in a drink an optimal combination of selected, natural and gently processed superfoods, which provides the human body with all the important nutrients it needs, and this completely organic, natural and vegan. Due to the very high nutrient density of superfoods, a daily dose of Ultrafood from 150 g contains about as many nutrients as 1,5 kg fresh, healthy foods. Plant proteins have been combined so that their biological value reaches that of high quality animal proteins. Ultrafood is also an ideal food for vegans, enabling them to quickly and easily get all the nutrients they need.

"With Ultrafood, we have developed a food that provides us with the daily requirements for essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber," explains Oliver Klemm, a graduate food chemist and chief developer of Ultrafood at 8Venture. "Ultrafood offers a high degree of wholeness and flexibility, because it ensures a very individual healthy diet in just a few minutes and this at low calorie density. Ultrafood is gluten-, lactose- and GMO-free as well as free of the 14 main allergens. "

Test Ultrafood

If you as a journalist want to test the effects of Ultrafood, please contact us directly kontakt@gruenewellepr.de, We will gladly send you your tasting package.

8Venture GmbH & Co. KG

8Venture is a subsidiary of BIOFABRIK Technologies GmbH based in Dresden. BIOFABRIK Technologies GmbH is a group of companies that develops and markets innovative technologies for the sustainable management of energy, food and waste problems. 8Venture develops and markets the Ultrafood product, which consists of an optimal combination of the best superfoods and supplies the human body with 100% of its daily protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber, based on natural, complete foods. Ultrafood by 8Venture is completely organic, natural and vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, GMO-free and free of 14 major allergens. Ultrafood is produced by a reputable food manufacturer, which is FSSC 22000 certified and thus meets the highest possible food safety standards.

More information on www.8venture.com.

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