A Urberliner experiences muscle building with the superfood mix

Robert Baumann on building muscle with 8Venture

"With honest products and a great team - Now I'm here!"

A Urberliner, as you would expect: Robert Baumann. He lives not only in Berlin, but he lives Berlin! Full of energy, extroverted and with a great dose of humor, he denies his everyday life. One might think that life is just a big, colorful playground for him. The work does Fun, the family is one blessing and cooking is his secret passion.

A healthy life with passion

What I really like about Robert is that he got married again and shines fuller Stolz finally arrived in life completely. And even if I do not look at the man who is tattooed from head to toe, I'll take it from him immediately!

As a cook, he entered the professional career at that time and quickly realized that this has no future for him. With an apprenticeship as a retail salesman, his path swiftly turns into success. Team leaders, store managers, and business partners quickly became common terms with perspective. But with the success and the positions often go too Stress and unhealthy ways of life associated.

Only a few weeks ago, the 36 years young man married his wife Petra. One of many wonderful happenings in his life Life for the better have developed. Now stand next to the family again Sports and healthy eating on the program, to feel completely comfortable.

Superfoods help to rethink

8Venture is not entirely innocent of that. For almost 5 months, he now drinks the Superfood Mix Ultrafood and reports enthusiastically about the positive changes. "Gigantic"His words were to the long-term effects of one balanced and natural diet, For him, Ultrafood is indispensable.

In the beginning, the consumption was also a challenge for the tall and now muscular man! His body, once well-nourished, had to be first on the stop eating, Flatulence and slight abdominal pain are completely normal and the quickly noticeable changes put all this immediately in the shade! His rose immediately capacity to the ability to concentrate has increased a lot and he felt clearly fitter, Another conclusion: his Haut has also become strong after a few months improved, Certainly an effect that we women would be especially happy about!

But that's not enough. Ultrafood has moved the 1,94 m big man to rethink. Not just yourself anymore to feel healthy, but also Looking good, belong Sports and conscious Nutrition to his 8Venture. By expanding his Food culture with Ultrafood Not only the enthusiasm for the sport came, but it was also found rethink instead of. With clarity one becomes aware of everything.

Superman with superfood mix

From 110 kilograms down to now 98 is already a remarkable achievement, but looking attractive means training. To lose another 10 kilograms and regain a properly defined body, that means Muscle building and endurance training for Robert. Part of his intensive weekly training plan is the cardio workout, with twice Laufen go, too swim and Cycling, However, three times a week he finds himself in the gym bench Press, deadlift and squats again.

To be able to handle such an intensive training, in addition to his full-time job and his family, without doing so Lust, Mood or Motivation it takes one to lose balanced diet, After all, he also wants to do everything with 100% commitment. What does it help one to carry out all these projects only half-heartedly?

Vegan Protein Supply - Building Muscle with Ultrafood

Not only Robert has noticed it: the Superfood mix from 8Venture is for him, after only 5 months, by far best protein supplier, For years, he has provided himself with animal protein by taking Whey products - assuming this would be imperative to his body muscular look To provide.

Today he knows better. Not only by the sufficiently high protein supplybut also the many crucial nutrients, which can still be found in Ultrafood, make it an ideal companion for the muscle building, If one is allowed to believe Robert, the full supply also helps to train more efficiently. The cells get due to the high Bioavailability faster what they are for Need training.

Even if healthy food does not always mean love at first glance, Robert Baumann is now looking forward to his daily ration Ultrafood and the addictive positive effect, Of course he has his own Favourite recipes ready for us. For the sweet start He enjoys the day with 70 g Ultrafood with coconut milk, oatmeal and frozen berries. But on Evening It may also like to be tomato juice with Tobasco.