Healthy weight training with the superfood mix Ultrafood

Do you keep up with intense training sessions throughout the week, but for one? optimal nutrition are you just missing the time? Or maybe you have successfully lost weight and want your body one attractive shape give and Define muscles?

Then it will be time for you Ultrafood to try and keep your picture in view of yours Nutrition in combination with a healthy muscle to change.

Feeding properly for effective weight training

Successful muscle building depends on 3 essential success factors from: training, nutrition and regeneration.

You have to be able to build muscle at all train your bodybecause without load, there will be no muscle. With classic strength training you will quickly see results, but of course you can also drive through other sports your muscle growth.

In the regeneration phase, your muscles recover from training. So it's important that you give your muckis the time they need to get back powerful to start in the next training, Exactly in this phase the actual muscle building takes place. But only if you give your body all the nutrients it needs.

The diet is good most important and most underestimated factor influencing muscle growth, Macronutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins provide your body with energy and "building material" for the muscles, while micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals support your healthy muscle growth.

It depends on these nutrients

To successfully build muscle, you need nutrients. But which ones are suitable especially good in terms of successful muscle building?

The nutrient, probably almost everyone with one fast and effective muscle building is Protein, Proteins from our diet deliver the building blocks for our muscles, These building blocks are called amino acids. Muscles exist as far as possible Water and proteinThat is, in order to increase your muscle mass continuously, you have to eat protein-rich. Especially right after your workout, it's important to provide your muscles with protein quickly. As a strength athlete do you have a protein requirement of about 1 g per kg of body weight, Do you practice one? endurance sports from, the protein requirement is somewhat higher at about 1,2 g per kg body weight, Since proteins are also used for long-term exposure to energy.

Carbohydrates are yours fastest energy suppliers, They also affect your insulin distribution. Insulin makes for a better nutrient supply and promotes the uptake of proteins into the muscles. These advantages should be taken advantage of immediately after training, since a high level of insulin in the blood can be deliberately sought.

Often not on the screen, but still important are fats. Without dietary fats important bodily functions can be impaired. In addition, fats affect positive for the hormone level out. Grab here especially monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids back, as in nuts, olive and rapeseed oil. But be sparing directly after training, because fats slow down the absorption of proteins in the body.

Give your body the peace it needs

Training done, and now? Now make sure that you are your body Rest and time give to regenerate. "The more, the better," is simply wrong in the context of over-training and should not be a benchmark for you. Your muscles are not growing, as often thought by mistake, during exercise, but during the resting phase, Therefore, take good care of your sleep and allow yourself and your body the time it needs. After that you can all the more powerful in your next training start.

A drink - Mega Power

You start with Ultrafood 100% powerful in your next training. The unique Combination of natural foods takes care of you with all important macro and micronutrientsyou just need to gain muscle. We distinguish ourselves clearly from conventional protein shakes, as we for our Ultrafood only vegan protein use. Among other things, this refers to the contained hemp, pumpkin and pea protein. Our herbal protein sources are so combined that they very good bioavailable are. Many of our testers report that theirs Regeneration time shortened after training has been providing Ultrafood daily since This is no wonder, as the body is now equipped with all the essential nutrients.

A daily ration of Ultrafood contains only around 450 kcal, is low in fat and includes little carbohydrates. Because you need a lot of carbohydrate energy for your athletic performance, you can easily supplement Ultrafood with the carbohydrate source of your choice. Oatmeal or precooked rice are particularly suitable here. Plus, Ultrafood will help you all important vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Alone 2 portions meet the EU's recommended daily requirement for these nutrients.

Our recommendation: take training days 1 Portion Ultrafood including carbohydrate source about 2 hours ago the training and 1 pure portion immediately after training to you. This will help you get the most from your energy and nutrients before training, and quickly absorb your available protein immediately after your workout. On non-workout days, you can choose to distribute your Ultrafood throughout the day.

You will feel the difference after a few weeks. In addition to the first big successes in your muscle building project, you'll be getting a total on your body increased well-being determine. You are less tired, have one improved concentration, and you can now more effective on your workouts fall.

Do not compare yourself with others!

Extremely important, but unfortunately not said enough. You are unique and your desired results can faster or slower than others enter. It is important that you stay with the thing and your goal always in mind keep. Focus only on your body and do not compare yourself with others. With Ultrafood you start a new section full of performance and motivation, All the best on your 8Venture.