Green Macchiato - the superfood cocktail with espresso

Caffeine meets green superfood mix

"La Forza del Caffè sia con voi". Or otherwise "The power of coffee be with you!" With a large cup of coffee, many start in the often stressful everyday life. He makes blithelyhe gives Energy and he makes us concentrated, Again we have a fancy Superfood cocktail by Ulf Neuhaus for you: one Metabolism booster full of energy!

Ultrafood, the basis of each of our recipes, is one vegan superfood mix, ours daily nutritional needs to 100% covers and it manages our body sensation make perfect again. With pea protein, Moringa and Maca I call only a fraction of the great superfoods that ours strengthen your immune system and again ours capacity to revive. With the fancy Recipes from Ulf Neuhaus Can you easily customize your Ultrafood to suit your taste? Find your favorite cocktail with just a few more ingredients - or just try something new.

Espresso - the small shot with a big impact

For Italians it is at least as important as pizza and pasta. Meant is the espresso, often through his better compatibility the filter coffee is preferred. The Secret lies in the preparation: Boiling hot water with a lot of pressure hits finely ground coffee powder. And the resulting Buy, the thick foam layer over the liquid, completes the coffee specialty and is a genuine quality feature, It contains a classic espresso average 50 mg of caffeine.

The positive effects of caffeine will most likely have already felt. Especially after getting up or against the midday low, he often works wonders. Now has one Study from the University of Baltimore found out that Caffeine promotes our thinking, This was stated by the researchers led by Michael Yassa on 160 subjects, who achieved better test results on the basis of a memory test than subjects without a caffeine supplement.

Caffeine has also been around for a long time in the media as the miracle weapon when losing weight, No wonder that more and more in everyday life rely on coffee & Co. As part of a Study of the University of Hannover The relationship between caffeine and weight loss should be explored. According to an evaluation of around 500 men and women come Coffee drinker better off, they had one lower body mass index and could you Keep weight longer as people who do not consume caffeine. Reason for this is based on the fact that Caffeine stimulates the metabolism and to one improved fat burning inspires. A cup of espresso after dinner is indispensable for many people with this background knowledge!

Ultrafood and espresso just go well together. After all, the day only has 24 hours worth using. Not only will your body rejoice over the energy, but also the fact that tasks are much easier to handle by keeping focused on the matter.


  • mixer


  • 250 ml oat milk
  • 4 EL oatmeal
  • 1-2 Espresso
  • 5 g Add-On Chocolate (½ scoop)
  • 20 g Ultrafood (2 measuring spoon)
  • Handful of blueberries as a topping
  • nB ice cubes
  • 1 Pinch Instant Coffee / Cocoa Powder


Trace 250 ml of well-tolerated oatmeal and fill it into your blender. Now followed by 4 EL oatmeal and 1-2 espresso. As a flavor carrier is now added the add-on with chocolate flavor. 2 g Ultrafood complete the Ultra Macchiato. Mix vigorously. Until you become a friend of iced coffee, add a few more ice cubes. With a few blueberries on top and instant coffee or cocoa powder dusted over your cocktail will visually become a highlight.

Alla Salute! ????