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The protein powder with all the nutrients of Ultrafood 8VENTURE®

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Building muscle with more than just proteins

The vegan combination of the best superfoods in the world not only guarantees the necessary protein intake, but also ensures a perfect nutrient coverage of all important vitamins and minerals. With the one contained in our Ultrafood Hemp protein and pea protein, Athletes receive their demand for vegetable protein in order to Muskeln successfully define. Our protein sources accelerate the regeneration phases after an intense workout.

With the superfood mix Ultrafood, you can now eat healthy food quickly and easily. Achieve your goal with all nutrients with the greatest possible bioavailability - without any compromises. The right amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins for a healthy, muscular body, without fatigue or lack of energy!

"Gigantic! It's already, by far, the best protein supplier I've ever tasted! "

Robert Baumann

More about building muscle with Ultrafood

Why Ultrafood?

In addition to intensive training sessions and rest periods, a balanced protein-containing diet is crucial for strength athletes with the aim of building muscle mass. A healthy protein intake alone but it is unsatisfactory. The goal of building muscle mass targeted, also causes an increased need for care of all other nutrients. A Low supply of vitamins and minerals inhibits the body to build muscle mass efficiently, and goes along with it deficiency associated.

At this point, our superfood mix starts: Ultrafood delivers the EU's recommended amount of protein, minerals and nutrients with just two drinks a day. Thus, the need for perfectly combined amino acid spectra AND all important nutrients for muscle growth to 100% is ensured.

With every meal you get an optimal energy supply with a very high nutrient density based on the most suitable superfoods in the world. Any nutritional mistakes for your strength training can not happen to you anymore.

Deficiency symptoms with wrong nutrition

Often a training program with high motivation and energy is started. Over time, however, the first signs of deficiency become apparent: fatigue sets in and performance decreases. In a one-sided diet, with a focus on low-quality protein sources, it may even come to signs of a vitamin B deficiency. Because the body can not concentrate on the planned strength training, if it lacks the necessary nutrients for a healthy and functioning body due to intense sports.
First signs of undersupply are:

  • fatigue
  • power reduction
  • hunger
  • sleep disorders

The body does not get the necessary, not the right, or insufficient nutrients. A one-sided and low-quality diet is just as disadvantageous as protein powder from chemically synthesized isolates, which our body is difficult to absorb. However, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber are essential for your goal! Deficiency symptoms are ruled out with our ultrafood mix on a superfood basis.

Further benefits through our superfood mix

Mental fitness

increased ability to concentrate

higher motivation


Physical fitness

fast recovery after training

healthy body weight

strengthened immune system


environmentally friendly packaging

Sustainable cultivation

Food Project

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Cover your daily nutritional needs and optimize your daily diet. Start your own 8VENTURE® now:

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including add-on chocolate flavor (150 g)

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inklusive Booklet and Shaker 600ml

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Depending on your individual goals and your taste, you can freely choose your compilation on your next order.


Cover your daily nutritional needs and optimize your daily diet. Start your own 8VENTURE® now:

15 portions Ultrafood base powder (1125 g)

15 portions add-on chocolate flavor (150 g)

15 portions add-on berry flavor (190 g)

Booklet and shaker (600 ml)

personal contact

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Depending on your individual goals and your taste, you can freely change your composition later.

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