Healthy and lasting weight loss with Ultrafood

If you are dissatisfied with your weight and want to lose weight, it is not easy. For one thing, you will be permanently involved calorie-rich seductions On the other hand, one sees oneself growing Flood of diets and nutrition tips opposite, how to make it "easy" to his dream weight. But it's not that easy, as countless frumpy ex-diet creditors prove.

The reasons: Our lifestyle has developed faster than our body. The theory of the "thrifty genotype", 1962 published by the anthropologist Robert Neel, describes the situation: The evolution of the human body has been linked to a permanent change between over-abundance of food (many prey animals, successful hunting phases) and food shortages. He has learned to store excess energy efficiently and to stockpile it for times of scarcity. In particular, when the phases of severely limited food availability are numerous and long, our body learns to handle the less energy even more effectively. A simple "iss little" activates this process and makes weight reduction even more difficult.

Forget about diets!

Diets can not work because they give a decisive error of reason: You can achieve the desired weight by a short time the discipline and then live again as before. That will never work. Our body is always a reflection of our lifestyle. Only a change in the daily diet can lead to achieve the desired weight and to keep long term. This does not mean that you have to eat "healthy" until your life without being allowed to treat yourself. Small outliers buffers our bodies without problems. It is important what you eat on average in everyday life. And: "healthy meals" and enjoyment are by no means mutually exclusive.

So losing weight is really easy at the core: through a moderate reduction of calorie intake, which is permanently maintained in everyday life. Now it's getting a bit complicated: Those who simply eat less risk a deficit of vitamins and minerals, This can cause you to become tired, impotent, and moody - another reason why many reduction diets are broken off. Increased use should be made of low-energy, nutrient-rich foods. And that brings us back to classics: Vegetables - unbeatable in nutrient density and therefore indispensable for a healthy lifestyle, In addition, vegetables provide valuable fiber and phytonutrients.

Simply fully nourished with Ultrafood

But even the best vegetables have a hack: none provides all the nutrients important for humans in an optimal ratio. You have to combine different foods to absorb everything you need - the well-known, well-balanced diet. This is difficult for most in everyday life. So that not everyone has to become a nutrition expert in order to be well looked after, we have developed Ultrafood. Ultrafood combines the best, most nutritious fruits and vegetables - so-called Superfoods - so that a daily ration covers 100% of the daily requirement of proteins as well as all vitamins and minerals. And that with only 531 kcal!

Do you have to go hungry? No! A long-term lifestyle improvement can only be successful if you feel good about it. A daily ration consists of three portions of half a liter each. Thanks to the high content of proteins and fiber, one serving is filling. Since the energy content is very low, you can and should take in addition to other, usual meals.

How Ultrafood helps you lose weight

Ultrafood guarantees you that your body all vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantity - at one very low calorie intake, You are supplied naturally, without unnecessary additives, gluten, lactose, soy or genetic engineering. In addition to nutrition, an active lifestyle with sufficient exercise is important. The various vegetable sources of protein contained in Ultrafood are combined so that they are a very high bioavailability respectively. Your muscles are well supplied and can do what they do best: deliver performance and consume energy. The high fiber content additionally saturates and offers, in addition to the phytochemicals, other positive effects for your health.

Order Ultrafood complete package now

+ 100% of the protein requirement
+ 100% of all minerals

+ 100% all vitamins
+ valuable phytochemicals
+ Only 177 kcal per meal
+ gluten-, lactose- and GMO-free

This is the best way to take Ultrafood

Ultrafood is your daily serving of optimally combined fruits and vegetables. It is a food, not a dietary supplement. This means you do not have to be too specific about the dosage. In order to be well looked after, we recommend the following preparation: Mix for one serving of 50 g Ultrafood powder with 450 ml liquid. The choice of the liquid determines with the calorie content, an ultrafood portion with water contains 177 kcal, a portion prepared with oat drink 367 kcal. Compared to comparable meals with an equally high nutrient content, the energy content in both cases is still very low.

How many servings should be daily? No one has to drink three servings every day, if you do not want that. A weight reduction is already to be expected if only one high-calorie meal is replaced daily with an ultrafood portion. A faster effect occurs when you replace two or three meals a day. Once you have reached your desired weight, you can reduce the amount of Ultrafood in your daily diet plan and / or increase the proportion of other, familiar meals. Check your weight and well-being - after a while, you'll find the ideal combination of Ultrafood and other meals to hold your weight - fully supplied, healthy and sustainable.

Try it and order ours Ultrafood complete package: You will receive 20 portions of Ultrafood plus our 8Venture Shaker as well as our add-ons Cocoa and Berry for a change of taste.

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