Frequently Asked Questions

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Dosage and administration

How many servings of Ultrafood do I have to take each day?

A serving of Ultrafood (50 g base powder) already covers one-third of your daily requirement of all vitamins, minerals and proteins.

With three servings a day you would be fully supplied by Ultrafood. But as Ultrafood saturates you will not be able to get more meals.

Since you do not want to give up your usual meals, Ultrafood simply starts when a healthy meal is difficult.

Most of our customers take one serving in the morning or at noon, thus guaranteeing a healthy meal a day and continuing to make the remaining meals as they wish.

What amount of liquid is recommended for preparation?

To prepare one serving of Ultrafood base powder (50 g) we recommend 450 ml of liquid.

Some nutrient levels exceed 100% of recommended daily allowance. Is that really safe?

Because we use natural foods as nutrients, the recommended daily allowance for individual nutrients can be exceeded. The 100% refers to the EU's recommended daily intakes of the respective nutrient. This value should make sure that one Undersupply prevented is. Recording above these values ​​is generally harmless.

This is especially true for natural foods such as Ultrafood, in which the nutrients are naturally not overdosed. Some nutrients can cause negative side effects if they are heavily overdosed (with isolated nutrient supplements). We have taken care in the development that no micronutrient comes in the area of ​​overdose, even with the intake of the multiple daily rations.

Ingredients and ingredients

How much calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat does a serving of Ultrafood have?

A serving of Ultrafood (50 g) provides 177 kcal, 9 g carbohydrates, 21 g protein and 4 g fat.

Is the energy content not too low?

The Ultrafood base powder aims for an optimal supply with all micronutrients, proteins and fiber at low energy content. The background is that we wanted to develop a meaningful counterpart to the usual western diet (high in energy, fat and carbohydrate).

Thus, it is suitable for a low-calorie diet, but can be used for other goals individually (eg in combination with high-carbohydrate ingredients before athletic services). For energy replenishment we developed the Ultrafood Gainer. Depending on your individual energy needs, you can add this to your base powder portion and thus have your energy intake under control.

How long is Ultrafood durable?

The powder is stable for at least one year when kept closed, dry and protected from light.

When mixed with liquid, it should be consumed within an hour. Cooling extends the shelf life.

Why is Ultrafood not certified organic?

8Venture is a subsidiary of the Biofabrik, which stands as an environmental technology company for sustainable and ecological development. For us it goes without saying that all our vegetable raw materials come from certified organic farming. Unfortunately, a declaration / certification is not permitted in the EU due to strict regulations of the Regulation (EC) 834 / 2007. In the USA, a declaration of organic ingredients is allowed, where we label the raw materials in Ultrafood as "organic". A proof of the bio-raw materials can be requested at any time with us.

In addition to the natural ingredients, the list of ingredients also contains isolated vitamins and minerals. Are these really necessary?
Ultrafood was originally developed exclusively with natural, gently processed powders so that their natural nutrient content meets the needs. However, in our regular analyzes, we note that the nutrient contents of natural products are subject to fluctuations, depending on the weather and soil conditions. To meet our claim to provide 100% Nutrient Supply, we had to opt for the use of isolated nutrients in addition to the natural ingredients.
Most of the nutrients come from natural sources. Only a few vitamins need to be added. Vitamin C, for example, comes from the Acerola cherry to 100% and is not added in isolation because the acerola cherry is a comparatively stable source. Of course, we are constantly working to reduce the amount of isolated nutrients in the R & D area.
Are additives used?

Apart from the isolated vitamins and minerals for nutrient guarantee (see above) we consistently refrain from unnecessary additives. Ie thickeners, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents, artificial colors, etc. are not used.

Is Ultrafood safe?

Ultrafood is produced by a reputable food manufacturer, which is FSSC 22000 certified and thus meets the highest possible food safety standards.

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