We have a very simple taste:
We are only satisfied with the best.

Actually, we only wanted a healthy snack for ourselves. When we started developing Ultrafood around 1,5 years ago, we ourselves would not have expected such strong demand.

8Venture is a subsidiary project of Biofabrik Groupdedicated to the development of revolutionary technologies to solve societal challenges and critical environmental issues.

Originally we were only looking for one healthy alternative to the mostly unhealthy lunch offer for our team in the Biofabrik, which brings together experts from different disciplines - from engineering to biology to chemistry.

But we did not find anything that satisfied our needs. Either the products consisted of questionable raw materials, contained too much sweetener, additives, gluten, soy or lactose - in short: we found nothing that we on a daily basis wanted to take us.

We started to wonder, why not someone someday natural superfood mix which contains all vitamins, minerals and proteins in amounts recommended by the EU. Until we came to the realization that we have to develop it ourselves.

So we compared that nutrient density and how to make a Amino acid spectrum of countless foods and played through hundreds of combinations before we mixed our first prototype.

The result was unforgettable: We were awake, concentrated, we felt no more lunch low - but we were afraid of the taste every day. Today, in the fifth generation of Ultrafood, we also have the taste under control - without compromising on the effect.

But after about 1,5 years is 8Venture more than just Ultrafood. 8Venture stands for our mission to make healthy eating easy and accessible for everyone. For this we develop further products, provide educational work and much more.

Your feedback will be included in the further development - no matter if you are a competitive athlete, a manager or a student High performance with Ultrafood fully bring. Together we develop the products that we all want to use permanently!

Our motivation

Originally, we launched 8VENTURE® to create the ultimate food for ourselves.
These are our motivations.

Oliver Riedel

CEO Biofabrik Group

As a high-tech developer, the Biofabrik team is a prime example of high standards of mind, stress resistance and concentration. However, most of us do not have the time to achieve a balanced diet that meets these needs, plus the desire for physical health and strength. And a daily cocktail of supplements with partly questionable origin was out of the question for us. Therefore, we wanted to develop under scientific aspects and for the time being only for our team a product that provides all the nutrients in a tasty drink

and thus releases all available physical and mental potentials. Healthy, tasty and made from the best ingredients in the world. The result is a product whose results were so convincing that we decided to make it available to anyone who wants to release its full potential in a natural and sustainable way. Whether athlete, creative or artist: maximum performance begins with the diet. And never was there such as Ultrafood. So our 8VENTURE will become yours too - Discover your self!

Years of nutrient deficiency due to industrially processed foods have not only physical but also psychological effects and are correlated with numerous diseases of civilization such as hypertension, depression or diabetes mellitus. This metabolic disease already affected 2007% of the German population in 8,9 and is predicted to show a strong increase. In sports or very high workload also arises an increased need for branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. "- Aristotle

Aristotle is what we do regularly. What if, instead of regularly eating industrially processed foods, we would cover all our nutritional needs on a daily basis? How would that affect our health and personality? What mental and physical services would we be capable of? Let's find out.

Hendrik Oeser


Oliver terminal

Graduate food chemist

In wide circles of the population there is a lack of information and uncertainty regarding an optimal diet. The uncertainty is compounded by interest-based advertising, which provides partly contradictory information. From a scientific point of view, however, there is general agreement on how a wholefood diet should be composed: predominantly of vegetable, fiber-rich food with high nutrient density. Superfoods are such foods. The inclusion of a single superfood, however, is not enough to meet the nutrient needs

to cover completely, since each has its strengths and weaknesses in the nutrient spectrum. An optimally balanced combination of superfoods makes it possible to create a food that is complete for humans. For me as a scientist, Krav Maga Instructor and Surfer, a healthy, sustainable diet as a basis for health and performance has top priority. In everyday life, it was often not possible to ensure this. With Ultrafood, we have developed ourselves a food that provides a high degree of wholeness and flexibility.

Start your own 8Venture with ultrafood

Cover your daily needs for vitamins, minerals and proteins and save at least one meal a day. Start your own 8Venture with:

+ 20 portions Ultrafood base powder (1000 g)

+ 10 portions add-on chocolate flavor (100 g)

+ 10 portions add-on berry flavor (100 g)

+ 8Venture Shaker (600 ml)

Get your set for 59 €

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