The 8VENTURE Food Project

The 8Venture Food Project

Nutrient complexes such as 8VENTURE's Ultrafood give industrialized countries the luxury of escaping the excess of food, carbohydrates and unhealthy diets with little effort. They are a means, fast, inexpensive and targeted to provide healthy body and mind.

However, in other parts of the world, such nutrient complexes are not a luxury but a matter of survival. That's why we launched the 8VENTURE Food Program and donate up to four balanced meals per day to the poorest of the poor with each order.

160 million children are malnourished

Malnutrition is the underrated scourge of the Third World. While much progress has been made in combating hunger, malnutrition is a less obvious problem, sometimes even in developed countries. The lack of (micro-) nutrients triggers a causal chain, which causes, for example, only in Cambodia an annual damage of about 400 million dollars.

Malnourished mothers suffer permanent damage in the womb, malnourished infants suffer from stunting, a significant reduction in body height compared to healthy children, and adult labor and immunity decline.

Up to 4 supplied children with every order

All these factors add up and not only burden the individual fate, but paralyze whole societies. Therefore, for each half-day order of Ultrafood we order a balanced meal per day, with the strategy of providing children at school meals with at least one complete meal with all the necessary nutrients.

Each subscription we donate up to four school meals daily and you become the godparent for up to four malnourished children. The campaigns are distributed and structured by renowned and specialized aid organizations.

A donation with Lanzeitwirkung

Several studies have shown that children who are well nourished in relation to malnourished children attend school for up to two years longer, are less absent from illness and thus achieve higher levels of education.

Depending on the study, it has been proven that these children later earn up to 30% more in their working lives than their malnourished classmates. You can now help with your subscription to promote these effects in a big way.

Further interesting information about malnutrition can be found here on the website of the World Food Program.