Sugar hides almost everywhere: glucose, invert sugar and Co.

"When a spoonful of sugar sweetened bitter medicine," says the Disney film Mary Poppins. A happy kid's hit in which the viewer gets the picture that Sugar seems to be a solution to every problem knows. Nice, if the reality would be so funny. The Humanity has a sugar problem And not just since yesterday. According to statistics consumed one German around 35 kg of sugar a year. [1] The good news: the value is stably integrated into those of the last few years. The bad: It does not really become less.

Im first part of our series "The insidious trap sugar" Let's clarify you in general about the sweet-tasting food. Why do we consume so much of it and why are we already in childhood with the sweet poison manipulated? Who benefits from sugar and what dangers brings excessive consumption? Because one should now be clear to everyone. True to the motto "We love him in moderation and get him in masses", sugar disguises itself as stowaway in numerous foods and get that way undetected in the human organism, It's time to rethink and finally drop the facade around the Allrounder Zucker.

Sugar - the empty calorie for the body

Inconspicuous and harmless, it seems. With its sugar-sweet taste it attracts many tastes immediately into its spell. The industry loves him, since he as a flavor enhancer and for preservation known food is particularly valuable and cheap. According to the US Department of Agriculture produces the world 175 million tons of sugar per year. [2] For us, in the end, no sweet facts remain. Besides the many calories - 1 grams of sugar contains 4 kcal - he has too in civilization diseases his fingers in the game. Why do we even eat so much sugar? Do we even know where sugar is added everywhere?

The phenomenon begins shortly after birth. With the slightly sweet taste of breast milk we develop early on a preference for sugary foods. In childhood, such count as "Helpful" educational toolBy rewarding the offspring's success with something sweet. Children do not know about the negative effects and quickly develop the need for sweets. From the point of view of the parents, however, rather unreasonable, since they so the Taste buds of their children early unconsciously mislead, Of course that does not mean that children are not allowed to eat chocolate bars anymore. However, parents should keep a close eye on the sugar intake of their children. Because according to the Robert-Koch Institute 15 percent of children between three and 17 years are considered overweight. [3]

The World Health Organization (WHO) therefore recommends the Restrict sugar intake to 25 g per day. [4] Expressed in sugar cubes: around 8 piece, Difficult to observe, if you take a closer look at the contents of Lebensmitten. It is interesting, however, that the Body conventional table sugar physiologically does not need, The sugar ingredient glucose, which is essential for muscles and brain, The body gains easily from fruits, vegetables and carbohydrate-rich foodslike rice, bread and potatoes. And yet we grope daily in sugar traps and partially unnoticed.

Sugar comes on softly

Apple juice: That's right, because there are apples in apples many important fiber, minerals and vitaminswhich have a positive effect on health. However, we are talking about one apple and not several. In 1 liters of juice are stuck around 1,4 kg of apples, With only 250 ml apple juice you get one Sugar content of about 7,5 piece of sugar cubes, With a glass of apple juice juice is the recommended daily requirement of sugar from 25 g Almost reached.

Fruit yoghurt: Fruit yoghurts are popular and very healthy according to official dietary recommendations. At least that's what it seems to think about well-known health claims in terms of health and well-being. But in the delicious colorful cups lurking quite a lot of sugar. There are around 150 pieces of sugar per 6 g, converted around 25 g. So grab it sugar-free yogurts and refine the taste with seasonal fresh fruits, The palate gets used to fast to the less sweet taste And it is healthier anyway.

Gherkins: One would hardly believe it, but also in gherkins is not saved on sugar. The justification of the manufacturers: The sugar will admit the liquid to to preserve the cucumber better, A glass comes on a sugar content of around 12 g, In sugar cubes, it corresponds to one Lot of 4 pieces, Then you better go back to vegetable sticks made of cucumber, peppers and carrots?

smoothies: What's more delicious than a fresh smoothie in the morning? If we left out the sugar content, then nothing would be said about the statement. But especially purchased copies should be on closer inspection probably stand on the shelf. With 200 ml Smoothie you come quickly to one Sugar content of an average of 26 g of sugar, so just 9 piece of sugar cubes. Your alternative for a healthy smoothie: Make whole fruits and vegetables in a blender, This will also give you the valuable fiber and have one better saturation effect.

Sugar has many names: sweet whey powder, glucose syrup and more

It seems we have no direct overview of how much sugar we consume daily, Of course, this has several causes. One main reason: Sugar hiding behind by now around 60 different names, These include, for example: dextrose, invert sugar syrup, sweet whey powder, glucose syrup, etc. No wonder laymen here quickly lose track, Another shortcoming is the on the food recognizable portion information, Often exceed we the reprinted recommendation around 4 - 5 times, What initially sounds little, it has in the end pretty nice. So look closely at the nutritional values ​​per serving and calculate.

"No added sugar" Sounds healthy first. The consumer center clarifies, however, that However, labeled products often contain sugar, This comes then for example, sweet whey powder or fruits and makes the product immediately more interesting to the consumer than regular sugar products. The same applies to the words "less sweet". With these products, the consumer gets the impression that the food not quite as sweet taste and therefore healthier, This is where the manufacturers come in preferably back to lactosewhich by nature does not taste very sweet yet not less sugar contains. The food industry is therefore always loopholes, so food can be better marketed and taste.

Early May of this year called for medical associations, health insurances and specialist organizations in an open letter to the Federal Government to take action against the persistent malnutrition. [5] The claims amount to one more comprehensible labeling of the food, Restrictions on food advertising and tax incentives for a healthy diet, This could for example in the form of a VAT exemption for fruit and vegetables, as well as one Special charge for sweetened drinks respectively. Placing a nutritional light on food packaging also poses a possibility. Misleading nutritional information otherwise contributes to the fact that Malnutrition is widespread and remains.

Sugar as a dangerous advertising material

In Germany apply about 60 percent of adults considered overweight. Number of people suffering from diabetes amounts to about 6,7 million people. [6] According to the German Diabetes Society (DDG), this causes per year Cost of around 35 billion euros, Until 2030, the number of obese patients should increase significantly. Pretty scary numbers and facts. With the proper advertising strategy for food However, nothing to worry about the food manufacturers. To a the largest and most important decision makerWhy we take the sweet soda instead of the healthier mineral water, is probably the superfluous Use of advertising material, In addition to the enormous production costs manipulates media consumption in addition unnoticed our actions and our purchase decision.

In the long run a ticking time bomb. Become consumers baited with vitamins, fiber and minerals, and think that you have done something good for your diet. That with many products the vitamins come with artificial fructose, is unknown to many. Add to that good-sounding messages, Mascots as optimal brand ambassadors and a great packaging. And so products quickly end up in the shopping cart that are harmful to one's own health and make our wallet lastingly easier.

And especially one Group is still very popular with the media: Kids, Manufacturer of too sweet, too salty or too greasy foods Their young customers are increasingly talking about social media on. On behalf of the AOK Federal Association, the University of Hamburg has found out in relation to the online marketing of 301 foods that around 60 percent of advertising aimed specifically at children, And the despite the current EU commitment, with which many European food manufacturers have pledged to renounce this very strategy. For that reason, go now more and more media regulators from different countries targeted against corresponding marketing campaigns in front. The consequences are to help advertisers understand where their limitations lie.

Ultrafood scores without artificial sugar

We know: Ready meals are convenient, because they are straight In everyday life there is often a lack of time and desire to be active again in front of the stove. However, many of the fast-cooked meals are nothing but high-calorie sugar bombs. Next to cheap raw materials contain ready meals mostly too much fat, sugar and hardly any nutrients, An optimal Nutrient-rich supply is an insurmountable obstacle for a large part But a healthy and low-sugar diet is not rocket science. Rather, a change. Fear yourself to fresh food, experiment and enjoy the natural taste far away from flavor enhancers & Co.

Our natural Ultrafood can help you get started in a healthy lifestyle. With Ultrafood, we have tried to thematize the topic of sugar. Ultrafood tastes so natural because a full day's ration (150 g of pure ultrafood powder) contains only about 9,6 g of sugar, This is not about refined table sugarbut around natural fructose from the contained foods like broccoli, maca & co Liquid, with which you use your Ultrafood mixed, plays a role. If you're sugar-free right now, you're guaranteed to go wrong with water, otherwise you will milk alternatives or milk a nice change. For more information you are only one click away from our magazine, There you will find more great facts about Ultrafood.

In addition to the Supply of all important nutrients are you doing something for yours at the same time? Well-being and your efficiency, With Ultrafood you can eat healthy and vegan food. The basis for this are real foods with a complete food matrix, Quickly and without much effort you come to the recommended amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and amino acids - without artificial sugar added.






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